2014 |
Borderscaping PhD Seminar

Borderlands studies and urban studies in dialogue
Politecnico di Milano


The seminar intended to contribute to a dialogue between borderlands and urban studies by stressing how border thinking and innovative approaches towards border studies, such as the borderscape notion, can be relevant from an urban planning perspective. Some questions are crucial to this debate: how can borderlands be re-designed? Which tools / practices / methods are needed in this regard? How can the imaginative potential and the counter-hegemonic dimension of the borderscape concept enhance new horizons of meaning and alternative socio-spatial configurations for border landscapes?

The seminar was introduced by prof. Paola Pucci (Coordinator of UPDP PhD Program, DAStU), followed by the lecture of prof. Henk van Houtum (head of the Nijmegen Centre for Border Research – Radboud University Nijmegen) based on his recent publication “Borderland. Atlas, essays and design. History and future of the border landscape” (Blauwdruk, Wageningen 2013 – with Mark Eker), a research and design experience on the Dutch-Belgian-German borderlands.
The second part of the seminar was drawn on the outcomes of the PhD research “Border/scaping. Envisioning the Moroccan-Spanish landscapes from a borderlands design perspective” by Alice Buoli (PhD Program in Territorial Design and Government, DAStU) aiming to present and discuss a series of scenarios for the Moroccan-Spanish border landscapes.

The crucial contribution of the discussants, as experts of the themes and approaches presented from different disciplinary backgrounds, intended to enhance the debate with specific discussions and a closing round table.

Presenters: Henk van Houtum; Alice Buoli
Participants: Paola Pucci, Davide Ponzini, Chiara Brambilla, Gennaro Postiglione, Isabella Inti, Luca Gaeta.