Scientific Autobiographies

In 2016 ADAPT-r Experienced Researchers Alice Buoli, Cecilia De Marinis and Dorotea Ottaviani launched the Call for Postcards “Scientific Autobiography” aiming to challenge creative practitioners in unveiling their research and professional trajectories re-interpreting the synthetic yet powerful format of the postcard.

The results of the Call were exhibited at Ambika P3 in London in November 2016 in the context of ADAPT-r final exhibition (

The exhibition offered a collective storytelling environment, made by different interpretations, meanings, and nuances that the “Scientific Autobiography” can assume in Creative Practice.

The selected participants to the exhibition were:
Alicia Velazquez, Attilio Pizzigoni, Boštjan Kenda, Brendan Meney, Dermot Foley, Derren Lowe, Dimitri Vangrunderbeek, Elisabetta Silvestri, Fabio Sedia, Gitte Juul, Hseng Tai Lintner, Ian Nazareth, James McAdam, Karin Helms, Koen Broucke, Marlies Vreeswijk, Marti Batllori Franch, Michael McGarry, Nicholas Boyarsky, Siobhán Ní Éanaigh, Steffen Wellinger, Tanya Kalinina, Thomas Tsang, Timothy Burke.

DAP_r (RMIT Melbourne), in cooperation with Alice Buoli, Cecilia De Marinis and Dorotea Ottaviani, is going to launch the “Scientific Autobiography. Call for Postcards 2017”.

Stay tuned for more information!

Cover image: Scientific Autobiography “Right Hand”, Koen Broucke, 2016 (Koen Broucke and ADAPT-r All rights reserved)