ADAPT-r (acronym for Architecture, Design and Art Practice Training-research) has been an ITN Initial Training Network funded within the FP7 Marie Curie Program.

The core feature of this approach to doctoral training is that new knowledge is developed “in the medium of” the creative practice. ADAPT-r is a network of 7 Partner Institutions and engages with SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises).The project included 40 Fellowships, 7 training conferences, a major research conference, a major exhibition, five key books, and a website providing public access to research and events. The PhD supported by the Adapt-r project has been structured through three years of research, and is organised in 6 Practice Research Symposia (two per year, held in Ghent and in Barcelona), namely the PRS, in which the practitioners are invited to present their research and submit it to public consideration. At its core is the development of a robust and sustainable initial training network in an emergent Supra-Disciplinary field of research across a range of design and arts disciplines – creative practice research. ADAPT-r ITN will train new researchers, increase supervisory capacity, create partnerships with SMEs in research projects, provide substantial opportunity for real-world testing of the research and real-world training, and introduce creative practice research methodologies to a new generation of practitioners (Source:

Research for ADAPT-r – conducted with my fellow Experienced Researchers Cecilia De Marinis (RMIT Europe) and Dorotea Ottaviani (Glasgow School of Arts) – investigated the tacit dimensions of knowledge embedded in creative practice (Tacit Knowledge) along with the refinement and explication of Research Methods within the ADAPT-r PhD model. The research has been conducted as a collaborative process among ADAPT-r Experienced Researchers, in cooperation with the Early Stage Researchers and partner institutions.

During the 12-month fellowship, in cooperation with my colleagues, I was involved in the following research activities:

  • design, video recording and reporting of 20 focused interviews with Early Stage Researchers and PhD Supervisors;
  • organisation of Training activities with doctoral students and practitioners and PhD Supervisors;
  • design and production of 4 Research Reports (Deliverables);
  • lecturing and teaching activities at the Estonian Academy of Arts;
  • participation to the Practice Research Symposia and international conferences.

In addition, and in the context of ADAPT-r Exhibition at Ambika P3 London, I co-curated with Cecilia De Marinis and Dorotea Ottaviani the exhibition “ADAPT-r Scientific Autobiographies”, as the result of a call for postcards (See the dedicated page “Scientific Autobiographies“).

The outcomes have been recently published on the Glasgow School of Arts RADAR platform and will be published in an edited book by prof. Leon van Schaik (RMIT University Melbourne).

More updated information to be published soon in the News section.


The research leading to these results has received funding from the People Programme (Marie Curie Actions) of the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme FP7/2007-2013/ under REA grant agreement n° 317325

Cover image: ADAPT-r Ecology, Alice Buoli, Cecilia De Marinis, Dorotea Ottaviani, 2016 (All rights reserved).