26-28 June 2019
IED Innovation Lab (Madrid)

New Generations Lab isa series of events with the participation of emerging architects, researchers, curators, and companies operating in different kind of sectors. The event, curated by Itinerant Office and the IED Innovation Laband with the support of AC/E –  Acción Cultural Española – will be organised around three days of activities and will take place in different locations.

The main purpose of NEW GENERATIONS LAB is to create the exchange of knowledge between young architects and experts from other disciplines, so they can discuss about the state of the architectural profession.

NEW GENERATIONS LAB will have the participation of...

• Alice Buoli
• Chris Luth
• BudCud
• Andrés Carretero
• María Navascués
• Guillermo Diego
• n’UNDO
• khora urban thinkers
• Entropy Studio
• IED FabLab
• Javier Maseda
• José Francisco García
• Nacho Martín
• Estudio [SIC]
• Urban Data Eye
• Bartlebooth
…among others.

· Wednesday, June 26th ➜ (17:30 / 18:00) ➜IED Innovation LAB (Av. de Pedro Díez, 3) <M> Oporto <M> Urgel. (IED Madrid – Istituto Europeo di Design)

· Thursday, June 27th ➜ (17:00 / 17:30 )➜ Fjord Madrid➜ (C/ de García de Paredes, 17) <M> Alonso Cano <M> Canal. (Fjord Madrid)

· Friday, June 28th ➜ (11:00 / 13:30 )➜ Medialab Prado➜ (C/de la Alameda, 15 <M> Atocha <M> Antón Martín. (Medialab-Prado)

The New Generations Lab is part of the cultural agenda of New Generations, a European platform initiated in 2012 by Itinerant Office, which investigates the work of a selection of some of the most interesting emerging practices at the European scale. Between 2012 and 2019, New Generations included in its activities more than 300 European practices and more than 500 experts of different fields from about 20 European countries.

Cover image by New Generations