TRACES Journal #4

From the Strait of Gibraltar to Fukushima: Situated Practices and Future Imaginaries at Contemporary Borderscapes. A Conversation with Pablo DeSoto

In 2014 Pablo DeSoto and myself started a conversation about the genealogy, outcomes and legacies of Fadaiat (a ground-breaking activist-art project and network across the Strait of Gibraltar). We talked about Fadaiat’s visionary approach towards the EU-African borders, about the role of critical cartography in the production of new imaginations and new territories at the Strait of Gibraltar, the transnational activist social networks between Morocco and Spain and in Europe.

Three years later, thanks to TRACES editorial team, our conversation has been resumed and expanded into a broader narrative about Pablo’s research and activist practice in different geographical contexts  – from the Strait to Fukushima. Starting from the work of eco-techno-feminist thinkers – such as Donna Haraway and Isabelle Stengers – and the engagement with situated artistic practices, Pablo presents a critical and original perspective on and within on-going Anthropocene debates, an operative methodological and epistemological approach for reading political and environmental challenges at contemporary borderscapes and beyond.

Read the article on TRACES Journal Issue 4 “Performative Margins“.

Cover image: Fadaiat: Map of the human groups 2005 (Courtesy Pablo DeSoto)

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