TAB 2017 Main Exhibition “Anthropocene Island”

TAB 2017 Curated Exhibition “Anthropocene Island” opened on 14th of September and will run until the 27th of October. Head curator Claudia Pasquero said:  “Anthropocene Island invites architectural offices, artists and scientists on a collective project focused on the relationship between nature and the city in the Anthropocene age. The curatorial strategy operates on a prototypical site, the peninsula of Paljassaare in Tallinn as both project site and as case study of an Anthropocene landscape, the inevitable frontier of future urbanity”.

Head Curator: Claudia Pasquero
Assistant Curator: Alice Buoli
Exhibition Design: ecoLogicStudio
Graphic Design: AKU
Producers: Eve Arpo and Maria Kristiin Peterson, Estonian Centre of Architecture
Catalogue: Lucy Bullivant

Alisa Andrasek SWARMOLOGY series Baltic Scale
Maj Plemenitas Linkscale Cross Scale Relations
Edouard Cabay Appareil Cartographical fiction
Heather Barnett Resilient Topographies
Claudia Pasquero and Marco Poletto ecoLogicStudio Anthroponece Islands
Noumena Robotic Habitat
Studio Unseen SEEM[N]EST
Urban Morphogenesis Lab The Bartlett UCL Polycephalum
Rachel Armstrong Newcastle University SEEM[N]EST
BiotA LabThe Bartlett UCL Viscous Biomaterials
IAAC LiveCycles

More at:

  • TAB 2017 Curated Exhibition, Main Hall

All photos: Tõnu Tunnel, 2017

Video editors: Ivan Litvinenko and Hakan Yarman


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