TAB 2017 Symposium announced

The TAB 2017 Symposium, entitled Polycephalum City, is curated by architect, urban designer and ecologist Claudia Pasquero, the Chief Curator of TAB 2017. Polycephalum City will discuss the role of architecture in the context of the current socio-ecological crisis, and feature a range of critical readings of today’s geological era which scientists have called the Anthropocene. The debate will challenge typical assumptions of the boundary between natural and artificial realms.
Among TAB 2017 symposium’s moderators will be the well-known international place vision strategist, curator and critic Lucy Bullivant. Speakers at the event will include Mitchell Joachim, renowned innovator in ecological design, architecture and urban design and an Associate Professor of Practice at NYU; Areti Markopoulou, the leading Greek architect, educator and urban technologist working at the intersection between architecture and digital technologies, and Marco Poletto, co-founder and director of ecoLogicStudio, an architect, author and educator.

Read more about the presenters on TAB website:

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