“The man who walked Mexico City’s 500-mile perimeter”

The Guardian:

Meet the man who walked Mexico City’s 500-mile perimeter

To get a sense of the true size of the megacity, Feike de Jong decided to walk around its entire boundary. 

He chronicles his experience:

“In reality, Mexico City is not infinite. It has a beginning and an end. Patterns repeat themselves throughout the urban fabric. The city’s history is written on its walls and in the rubbish along its storm drains, in the names of subway stations and the little white crosses marking deaths on the street.

The way to know something too big to perceive is through its parts. So just like a seafarer of old who would sail around an island to see how large it was, this project deals with the edge of the greater Mexico City area, in the hope that it will tell us something about the size and complexity of the city it encircles.

As the walk continued and the city stretched out before me, determining my route – zigzagging, capriciously climbing up hills, slithering through ravines, day after day, week after week – it began to acquire a personality. I imagined the city as a whale and myself some miniscule sea creature crawling over it: the city moving slowly and gracefully according to its own laws; me frantically scrambling, a water flea on the skin of the leviathan.

I had been told it would be dangerous.”

Click here to read more about his journey in The Guardian.

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